June in Pictures

June is all about: The Escape, Back on My Feet Runs, Trail runs, bike rides, the beach, Water World Swim and SUP, the wind and fog! I started my training for 70.3 with Training Peaks. Thanks to Garmin Vivoactive HR and Strava for the data.

Relive 'Morning Ride'


Plus 200+  miles of bike commuting!


May in Pictures

May is a long haul with all the events: Bike to Work Day, the BoMF Gala, the Alcatraz Classic, the art auction I was in for HH, and finally reaching a peak on the Escape event, which is back to back events all weekend! I'm ready to rest now!

Got to meet Dave Scott and learn some strength moves

A couple of trail runs

Some OWS

Swim with Pedro and SUP with Pedro!

Running with Back on My Feet, about 10 miles a week

Bike to Work Day!

Some time for toes and paws in the sand

Art shows. I was able to do a few new paintings this month.
WWS Tri-Clinic for the Escape Alcatraz Tri

Getting through the month like...

I had a few moments to paint, and will continue to update my gallery each month.


April Recap

Spring is here! Proceed with caution!

 I managed to ramp up my activities, adding in more bike rides and swims, and taking the time to do a little more art. I did 10 miles of swimming, all open water, mostly nonwetsuit! 54 miles of recreational rides in addition to 200 miles of commuting, and 36 miles of running. I did a lot more walking not logged on Strava. Those dog walks add up! The running is hard on my sciatica, so I tried to do more low impact training instead of upping the run mileage right away. I don't want to get injured again before my event like last year. Swimming is good for sciatica. Butterfly stroke really helps loosen up by back! Training with groups and friends makes it easier to stick to the plan. I am doing a 20-week to 70.3, with three swims, three runs, and two rides in addition to the commute, which is a long ride and short speedwork. A brick run might be the icing on the cake! I had to take a break from strength training because of a bout of rowing elbow, but that is going away so I can add that back in. This is a great time to be outdoors.

As I make all these plans in the blossoms of spring, I feel grateful to be alive and sad because we we lost someone this month to cancer, so I made a platelets donation in their name.

Water World Thursday evening fun

Bike Ride up to Hawk Hill

Running with puppers and friends

Swimsets at SERC

Aquatic Park, my favorite place in SF!

Evening swims with Water World Swim

Run with Back on My Feet and November Project

Biking the Escape from Alcatraz Route with Danijela

Spring blooms at Golden Gate Park!

Quality time with puppers


March in Pictures

Rainbows in the rain

ShapingSF History Tour

Bike commuting

Signs of spring in the Presidio

Time to swim and SUP!

The water warmed up to 56°F!

March was off to a shaky start when I got the flu. Three days of not being able to move and breathe. Though I didn't feel congested, I felt like my lungs and whole body were under attack. My lungs felt frozen and had trouble expanding. I was feverish and dehydrated. It was bad. Then it slowly went away. I was able to paddle, ride my bike, run, and work out again. Did lots of runs and walks with BoMF, nature hike, and WWS Alcatraz support. Eventually I was able go for a swim! I watched a lot of history documentaries and went on a history tour with ShapingSF. Highly recommend! I did some work on a new painting, entered an art show, and started my art blog. Finding my mileage again and stretching and strength training on the Yoga Trapeze. Spring is here!


23andme and diving into the Deep Web

It was my birthday month, and so I celebrated by getting a 23andme DNA test. This sent me on a journey back in time to find my ancestors and now I've traded in the internet for the deep web! I got tired of all those click bait advertorials and the political echo chamber anyway. Nowadays, you'll find me hanging out on the internet archive, library archives (and this one), newspaper archives and ancestry.com  and reading more books. Here is what I got from the 23andme DNA test:

I'm from all over the world!

As a person of "mixed race", I had an inkling but was always curious about my family history. I was born in the USA, so that means I'm "American".  I could go even further and say that I'm North American with actual roots here. I'm half Northwestern European, the other half Mexican, or as we like to call in Texas,  "Texican." I found out the Mexican side is made up of Native American, Spanish, West African and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestors, with other ancestry locations in Guatemala and Chile (This is found in the Scientific Details section). From my mom I inherit British & Irish, French & German, Italian, Balkan, Scandinavian, Yakut, a little Iberian. I have lots of Neanderthal traits! And guess what? WE ARE ALL FROM AFRICA!

This was a great gift to share with my family, and with a little surname research, it was confirmed. A few months ago, I did Inside Tracker and it's interesting to see how you can use specific personal data to gather health information. And now, combined with DNA research and family health history you can really get specific and personalized health recommendations, thanks to science. That makes a lot more sense to me than a one size fits all diet recommendation. What I realized is we really are blessed (and cursed) to live in a world with all this information. Granted, you have to filter through it all. Unlike our predecessors, we have access to all this scientific data and loads of records online so you can really get a good sense of where we have been, where we are now and formulate the best way forward. We could increase our lifespans, if only we weren't misguided by the wrong information and strayed away from education and towards poverty. I've learned so much about my family history, and about the history of where I live now in just a few weeks. The only thing that is lacking is more history and information about the Native American side. It is sadly due to racism and colonialism that this information has been suppressed. I'm hoping with more research I can find more out about this fascinating history. It has really widened my perspective and also helped me appreciate cultural diversity in myself and our society. Being "mixed" is actually more prevalent than I thought, and we are not outside the norm. Race is not as black and white as people would like to think.

February in Pictures

Here are the things that made my February:

Running on Trails

Enjoying the warm weather that second week of Feburary

Water World Swim #beachlife at Crissy Field

Monthly evening run on the Embarcadero with Back on My Feet

Donating blood

Hanging out with this guy
I did some more painting and baking and a little strength training. It was my birthday month so I celebrated with a new piece of gear and a 23andme DNA test. See the next post to find out more!


Kaiser Half-Marathon

Fun times at the 35th Annual Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half-Marathon & 5k presented by Pamakid Runners! This is a nice race to keep you fit through the winter. I ran with Back on My Feet, and we had two first-time  half marathon finishers that were not easy to keep up with! Our front runner is a long-time runner and is blind, so he ran tethered to one of our spectacular volunteers.  Last year I really wrecked myself on this race with sciatica pain, so this year I was more laid back and ran a slower pace near the end. "Start slowly then taper off!" as my runclub motto goes. And so I live to run again! Gotta love the medal that George Herbert Rehmet designed! It has a whale that actually swims across the Golden Gate Bridge! Chip time was 2:18:00
10th half-marathon and 4th time doing the KP SF Half.

June in Pictures

June is all about: The Escape, Back on My Feet Runs, Trail runs, bike rides, the beach, Water World Swim and SUP, the wind and fog! I star...