April in Pictures

April was a busy month! We had two races with Back on My Feet: The Oakland Running Festival and Presidio 10. Our members celebrated several milestones, such as first 100 miles for a San Francisco Member and first 50 miles. We had another 25-mile milestone in Team SoMA with several others about to get it.   Spring is in full swing for all kinds of outdoor fun! We had some April showers, then ended it with some really warm weather. Let's go out and get it!

I got rid of my futon couch and instead use a hamaca! It is so comfortable and much better for my back.  My room is spacious and airy and I can take it outside. Warning: it's really hard to get out of the hamaca because it is so cozy.

I'm running for: Back on My Feet, because: For every $1 donated nearly $2.50 returns to the community through increased economic activity and cost savings! Donate or RUN WITH US!

Piriformis Syndrome

After the Kaiser half, I had been feeling some pain in my hip, lower back, and down my left leg. This was really frustrating, (a real pain in the butt!) and took some time to figure out. My self-diagnosis was piriformis syndrome. The pain would come and go but I could still run. In fact, it's better when I stay moderately active rather than laying around. What seems to be working is decreased easy mileage, stretching, warming up, and strength training. Here are some of the stretches and things I do every day, twice a day.
Cat and Cow PoseChild's PoseDownward Facing DogPigeon PoseLeg and calf stretches from the floor, with or without bandHip crossover stretch Basically, any yoga stretches for your back. Fish oil really helps, in the morning and evening. Every now and then, I have to take an Advil. After a few weeks of stretching, I can incorporate some strength training:
Clamshells (with resistance band)Glute Bridges (with resistance band)Side leg lift (with resistance band)Lunge…

Oakland Half-Marathon 2017

This is my 6th year participating in The Oakland Running Festival and the event seems to be getting bigger and better every year! The new venue at East Shore Park was definitely an upgrade.

I took public transportation to Oakland and rode my bike to East Shore Park. Luckily I found parking parked in front of the Pergola. There I met up with other BoMF runners Danielle and Brittney. They were on the fast track to finish under 2 hours but my goal was to be conservative and save it for the end. My last half marathon wasn't so great and I was walking a lot at the end so I wanted to run smarter this time. Still getting over a little hip pain. We did a build this week at BoMF morning runs, gradually increasing the distance of each run. So I peaked out this week with 31 miles, which is my max this year so far!

I stuck with traditional fueling, having a high carb meal before the race and packed gu and electrolytes. It was such a beautiful warm spring day, which means scorching hot …

March in Pictures

Spring is here! Things are starting to heat up! I had weekly group swims, an Alcatraz crossing, weekly runs with BoMF, eating more vegetarian, baking bread and pizzas, playing with pup at the dog park and cracking open the sketchbook. My family team is over 700 miles for our 2017 miles in 2017 goal! This year I'm finding it hard to make 20 miles a week and do rides, but it's something that I continually strive for. I think I'm past the aches and pains and can hopefully do more miles and up the strength. I'm enjoying the light after work to squeeze some activities in.

The Super Run 5k

Thankfully, the weather has warmed up quite a bit, and it feels like Spring is here! This month's fun run was The Super Run 5k with Back on My Feet!  Everyone was dressed as superheroes or their favorite villain to run for various charities. We got their early, donned our capes, warmed up and took superhero action photos. The course was flat, starting at the little Marina Green along the Bay Trail and back. It was quite a turnout, and even though we started in waves, it was elbow to elbow at times. Heroes vs. Villains! Too bad there wasn't a costume contest because some of them were really spectacular. This month we are celebrating our first 50+ miles milestone for one of our runners, the first one in SF, and several 25+ miles milestones. Back on My Feet is growing! We're getting ready to launch Team SOMA. Be a running volunteer and help us transform lives one mile at a time! Check out  my fundracing page ,or become a fundracer or visit the BoMF Facebook page for updates!

February in Pictures

February was birthday month, and I am taking stock and feeling gratitude. The half-marathon required some recovery time, so I've been nursing my IT Band and hip. I'm able to do short runs. After daily yoga stretches, it's finally feeling better. New birthday shoes were a good idea! It was also fermented foods month - I made sauerkraut, kefir, kefir chevre, and a sourdough starter. Now I am learning to make bread.

Here are some highlights:

Back on My Feet is getting ready to launch Team SOMA. Be a running volunteer and help us transform lives one mile at a time! Please visit my fundracing page and donate >>

The Great Cupid Run

This weekend was The Great Cupid Run 5k with Back on My Feet San Francisco. All the BoMF SF groups joined together for the monthly fun run. The weather was perfect, and it was nice to have some sunshine for a change after all this rain. Flat and fast course at Crissy Field on the Bay Trail. I took it easy and ran with BoMF. Finished in 29:16. My friend George won! He happens to be the Western Region Director for the Road Runners Club of America and one of my running role models. I love the local races that raise money for local charities. This was for Heart In Motion a youth volunteer and community service group that we see supporting us on so many of our local races. They deserve a big boost. We got tutus (ladies) and heart boxer shorts (gentlemen), a huge medal, lots of edible treats and beverages after the run and a cute towel by Lucy Activewear. Great way to celebrate the Love!

More BoMF SF Pics!

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