Yoga for Cross-Training - The Magic Five

Doing Bikram Yoga has been an excellent cross-training activity that incorporates deep stretching and strength-building, and meditation. Although there is a hurdle to begin which I call The Magic Five. It took me five classes to acclimate and start really enjoying it.

1. First Class - got sick with a cold for a week
2. Second Class - had to leave halfway through the class due to heat exhaustion
3. Third Class - had to sit out the second set of most postures
4. Fourth Class - could survive all postures, but collapsed with no energy after class
5. Fifth Class - got into the postures and had energy after class

It gets even better...The last class I was able to feel all the muscle tension working it's way out of my body and completely disappearing after the final half spinal twist pose.

Bikram recommends for beginners to start by going 60 consecutive days in a row. Even though my schedule is more like once a week, I am still seeing small improvements in my postures and in my core strength.

Here is something I am trying off the mat because I ride my bike alot (another cross-training activity):

Bike Yoga: Whenever stopped at the red-light or intersection, try to balance on one leg as in tree-pose, engaging the leg muscles. Alternate legs for symmetry.

Yoga has what is known as “Tree pose” where you stand on one foot, the various balance poses really challenge muscle stabilizers!
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