The Run Aquatic

SFDSE Embarcadero 10k

The San Francisco Dolphin South End Runners Embarcadero 10k was a splash, and I managed to run 8 minutes faster than my last 10k at about 50:00 as I had predicted. Thank you, Hal!

Bikes R Nice

At Runner's World, Mark Remy started a "bike thread" asking runners and bike lovers about how often they ride and what kind of bikes they have. I've always been a bike commuter, and biking to work I have a built in workout twice a day. Pedaling helps work out the stiffness from running the previous day. I have a Giant Rincon hybrid mtn bike and a Giant Halfway folding bike for the bus commute. I like Giant because of their outreach to the female cyclist and bikes fitted for women. Other brands I had to search really hard to find a small frame that wasn't pink.

Another great thing about relying on bicycles for transportation is when I have a race, I can just cruise there and be already warmed up. Don't have to worry about bus schedules, traffic delays, parking, etc. I just strap a jug of water to my bike rack. I'm starting to see more valet bike parking at events, which is awesome, and way better for the planet. Check out my neon. I'm hopping on my bike now for my 10k!


The funk happens

Spring came, and then there was an overwhelming burst of mania, project planning, weird sleep and mood swings which led to less running last week. A spring-cleaning-and-painting-the-bathroom marathon ensued, followed by a mild and mellow funk. May I blame it on the full moon? Peace was attained. Smudging with sage alway seems to help. Focus was regained.The race is next Sunday!

I'm spicing up my hummus with Patak's lime relish this week and eating Klamath Pearl potatoes, organic of course.


Power Breakfast!

Yogurt, goji berries, blueberries, granola, wheat germ, ground flax seed & blackstrap molasses.

I just love Mr. Breakfast.


Wash 'n' Go

It is possible to cram a workout into my busy schedule: Do laundry while on tempo run. Thirty minutes later, put clothes in dryer, stretch, shower, put on clean clothes. I got mad multi-tasking skills, yo.


Steven's Total Body Hot Power Yoga

After the run today, I did Steven Grillo's Total Body Hot Power Yoga from the DVD. I first tried it when I went to Bishop Arts Yoga in Texas and was hooked. First of all, the studio is gorgeous and it is warmed by radiant heat. The music and ambiance of the session is calming and allows focus. I really like the graceful flow of Vinyasa poses with other styles mixed in. It works the whole body, the core, strengthens and stretches. The stretches are perfect for after a run. I am ready for the weekend!


Remnants of the Hill

The hill repeats I did on Thursday lingered with me all weekend on my right ankle, knee and back. I will have to go easy on the downhill next time. I feel so much better after a short recovery run, stretches, contrast shower. I did stop and experience a pause of doubt before heading out to the gym, but we all know what that leads to.

June in Pictures

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