Bikes R Nice

At Runner's World, Mark Remy started a "bike thread" asking runners and bike lovers about how often they ride and what kind of bikes they have. I've always been a bike commuter, and biking to work I have a built in workout twice a day. Pedaling helps work out the stiffness from running the previous day. I have a Giant Rincon hybrid mtn bike and a Giant Halfway folding bike for the bus commute. I like Giant because of their outreach to the female cyclist and bikes fitted for women. Other brands I had to search really hard to find a small frame that wasn't pink.

Another great thing about relying on bicycles for transportation is when I have a race, I can just cruise there and be already warmed up. Don't have to worry about bus schedules, traffic delays, parking, etc. I just strap a jug of water to my bike rack. I'm starting to see more valet bike parking at events, which is awesome, and way better for the planet. Check out my neon. I'm hopping on my bike now for my 10k!

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