Veggie Fuel

Victory Garden Harvest
Photo of my mesclun garden

I thought that doing all this extra training would have sent me towards the meat section at the grocery store, but thankfully, it has not. I am happy with my hummus wraps, nuts, sunflower seeds, AND there are plenty of tasty non-gmo soy and seitan dishes out there to satisfy my palate. One thing I noticed when I did a nutritional analysis when I was starting out is that I wasn't getting enough selenium or magnesium. This was easily solved by supplementing my diet with nuts.

Selenium - Brazil Nuts
Magnesium - Almonds, Walnuts
Iron - Sunflower Seeds

Good read: Runners World, The Nut Case

You can also find some info about nutrition balance at Running While Vegetarian, or if you are vegan, some tips at Organic Athlete.

No bonking allowed: I learned the hard way what happens when you don't eat something on long workouts - Dizziness, weakness, fatigue, a longer recovery period, general loss of motivation. It is not good for your body to get dehydrated and empty of fuel like that. Now I train with prevention in mind and use some commercial products such as gu, accelerade and muscle milk before and after the workout. Instead of eating large meals, I break it up into smaller power snacks throughout the day to keep my energy levels high.

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