20 Mile Club

Week 10: The 20 miles went well. It was a bit of an extra challenge because I have been sick all week. I figured, well I can stay home and cough my lungs out or get out on the trail and cough my lungs out, so I chose to maintain my long run. I had a little aromatherapy on the go by putting a few drops of eucalyptus oil on my sleeve and taking a whiff every now and then. It's a great pick me up. Early on I ran into some ladies in the middle of their tri and cheered them on. At mile 15 I could feel the soreness everywhere in my legs, but by mile 17 they were numb and tingly. My mantra was "think positive happy thoughts", then the endorphin factory would drop a supply load to the quads. Oh the quads. They are aching. I think rigor mortis is setting in. Two more 20-milers on the schedule this month, then the taper.

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