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One Week Until Marathon Day!

Mileage for previous 7 months leading up to the marathon (Voomaxer chart from Facebook). I like the zig-zag design at the end.

After a day of complete rest yesterday, I had a nice trail run this morning and feel ready for the marathon. It is a little nerve-wrecking but I know it will be fun. My only strategy for race day is to stay loose and shoot for a negative split, where I get nice and warmed up for the first half, then accelerate to 8:00 and then 7:30 in a classic progression. I think I will try the 10-10-10. I will bring a pace chart, but truthfully may end up winging it since it is my first one. I know that if I go hard early on in the race I will feel it later which may wreck it for me. Also, I am not going to freak out about buying new gear for the event. The only thing I'm getting is an extra carb-flask. My shoes are good. I'm in good shape. I've run the terrain before in separate chunks.

I've been eating super clean (no sugar or refined carbs) and have droppe…

Reading about Running

Right now I am reading an exciting page-turner called Ultramarathon Man by that mad runner Dean Karnazes. He's run 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states, amongst other unbelievable achievements!

...AND he has a movie! >>

Taper - The Last Speed Workout

I looked at my training plan and noticed that today is the last speed interval run before the marathon. I am new to speed training and just barely learned to run at 8mph for 800m and 1600m intervals this year. It was cold earlier in the season, so I trained indoors on the treadmill and just set the incline at 1 to make up for lack of terrain and weather conditions. From there I would set the treadmill to the most difficult pace I could stand and do the intervals, taking note of my heart rate at different speeds. Then when I am off the mill I can roughly estimate how fast I am going by checking out my heart rate. My new pedometer also helps with that.

I looked at my log and noticed that my best time on my 5-miler was back in February, I did it in 47:09. So today I set out to make it my goal to beat that time. I ran it in 42:12, that is almost 5 minutes faster!

Time to:
- change the battery in my heart rate monitor
- eat and sleep well
- come up with a suitable marathon day strategy
- see if…


Four months ago I did a Wash-n-Go run. The goal is to do a "comfortably hard" 3-miler while the laundry is in the wash cycle. Though I didn't beat the clock, my times have improved, and the heart rates have come down.

date time avg HR / max HR pace
3-11-08 32:22 160 / 190 10:47
7-9-08 25:53 157/185 9:45

...and my laundry is clean!

The Last 20-miler Before the Marathon

That was it! I finished the 3rd and last 20-mile run before the marathon, and now am on the taper phase. I do not know what happened this time, but around mile 17 I looked at my watch and noticed that I just might finish my run in under 4 hours. I sussed it out and felt like I had a little somethin' somethin' in the fuel tank, a little "money in the bank" so to speak. Just then a massive adrenaline rush kicked in I said to myself "heck yeah LET'S DO THIS!" So I booked it on the homestretch to finish the run in 3:40:21 which is about 26 minutes better than last 20m a PR! This is a great boost in my motivation and confidence for the big 26.2.

Time for a chuckle: Insert witty T-shirt slogan here!