The Last 20-miler Before the Marathon

That was it! I finished the 3rd and last 20-mile run before the marathon, and now am on the taper phase. I do not know what happened this time, but around mile 17 I looked at my watch and noticed that I just might finish my run in under 4 hours. I sussed it out and felt like I had a little somethin' somethin' in the fuel tank, a little "money in the bank" so to speak. Just then a massive adrenaline rush kicked in I said to myself "heck yeah LET'S DO THIS!" So I booked it on the homestretch to finish the run in 3:40:21 which is about 26 minutes better than last 20m a PR! This is a great boost in my motivation and confidence for the big 26.2.

Time for a chuckle: Insert witty T-shirt slogan here!

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