One Week Until Marathon Day!

Mileage for previous 7 months leading up to the marathon (Voomaxer chart from Facebook). I like the zig-zag design at the end.

After a day of complete rest yesterday, I had a nice trail run this morning and feel ready for the marathon. It is a little nerve-wrecking but I know it will be fun. My only strategy for race day is to stay loose and shoot for a negative split, where I get nice and warmed up for the first half, then accelerate to 8:00 and then 7:30 in a classic progression. I think I will try the 10-10-10. I will bring a pace chart, but truthfully may end up winging it since it is my first one. I know that if I go hard early on in the race I will feel it later which may wreck it for me. Also, I am not going to freak out about buying new gear for the event. The only thing I'm getting is an extra carb-flask. My shoes are good. I'm in good shape. I've run the terrain before in separate chunks.

I've been eating super clean (no sugar or refined carbs) and have dropped a few pounds this week, but now I'll start eating more complex carbs and on Thursday the carbo-loading begins! According the article, I need to be eating 600g of carbs a day from complex to simple 3 days before the event. I calculated 600g to be the equivalent of 40 slices of whole-wheat toast! My pre-race meal will probably be 2 slices of whole wheat toast with a pat of butter and organic jam. It worked well for the 20-milers.

What 600 g of carbs looks like:
12-13 cups brown rice
17-20 large bananas
20-22 medium potatoes
29-33 large oranges
53-60 figs
source: Organic Athlete

This fueling plan works for me: 3000 calories, 400g carbs, 50-25-25

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