Nike + Human Race 10k at Sunday Streets

Sunday Streets SF

So I signed up to do the Human Race and it happened to be on the same day as Sunday Streets, how perfect! Several miles of streets of our city were deemed car-free so that people could get out and bike, run, skate, dance, etc. Great idea!

I ran down to the Embarcadero as a warmup, then decided to start somewhere significant and inspirational. I chose a commemorative marker for the Ferry Building enduring the 1906 Earthquake.

1906 Earthquake Totem 10k Finish at SFBC boothSunday Streets SF

I ran all the way down to the end of the event then turned back to finish at the SFBC booth. Even though there were a few stops to let cars pass in certain areas, I still managed to run a PR! Okay, it's only 5 seconds but it matters. The booth was well stocked with water, raisins, friendly faces and sunscreen, just what I needed. I jogged back to south beach to meet my friends who were hula-hooping it up. I realized it requires skills I do not have at the moment so I just had a little stretch and continued onward. What a fabulous day! I've signed up to volunteer at the next Sunday Streets.

Warmup and cooldown with a nice hill!
G-Map Elevation Chart

Playlist: "Bionik" by fave dj Dominik Eulberg

I am approaching my 1,000 mile milestone with only 11.71 miles to go!


Running ALiVe!

Hot summer night, 4 x 800 speed intervals, flying along the track with the sun setting behind the Golden Gate Bridge, 300 ft climb home.


Fam and Movies

Fam reflects on the Olympic Steeplechase. There is a movie about him called "Run Like Hell". Another movie is coming out next year about everyday people discovering their athletic side called Athlete to hit the screens in 2009.

Another movie I really enjoyed about running is Spirit of the Marathon. And you can also browse a long list of films here. Something to watch while you put your feet up after a long run.


Putting the Work in the Workout

I'm halfway through Hal Higdon's book Run Fast and I'm kicking it up a notch this week with 800m intervals. I'm a newbie to speedwork and I realized the most uncomfortable part of running fast for me is the feeling of being out of breath and gasping for air, so I worked on controlling my breathing rythm. I'm starting with 3 repeats today and will try to work my to ten over the next 10 weeks (average times were 3:35). Oh, and that hill that I usually avoid running at the end of my run is now a part of my route.


Go Aquarius!

Olympics Marathon champ Constantina Tomescu at 38 is the oldest Olympic marathoner in history. That's my age and I'm Aquarius too! Aquarians are pushing the envelope! I think it would be cool to launch an athletic challenge event based on astrological signs that goes beyond geographical regions and borders.

Today I begin training again for the next marathon, the Nike Women's Marathon!


More Support...

Good Luck!

I just recieved Run Fast by Hal Higdon and I was thrilled to find it came autographed with a word of encouragement by Hal himself!


Nike + Human Race 10k

On 8.31.08 millions of people around the world are going to run for several charities in the Nike+ Human Race 10k. I'll be running for the UN Refugee Agency.

It's happening on the same day as Sunday Streets SF, a car-free recreational urban open-space experiment, so I'll be running there, since you can participate in the race wherever you are with the Nike+ Sportband.
Join the challenge!



My friend Eli sent me this card, so I just had to share...

Along the route there were people holding signs of support for their loved ones, but there was plenty of generic support for all. My favorite was a cryptic sign scribbled on yellow paper around mile 23 that said "in your head".


SF Marathon 2008

SF Marathon 2008

I survived my first marathon! It was not easy, but I feel exhilarated and transformed by the experience. I did great in the first 10 miles, but then the pace chart went out the window after too many hill encounters. Next time I will pay more attention to the elevations. Going up is actually easier than coming down, because unlike cycling where you fly down, with running each leap forward your body absorbs the shock, and the heels and knees are not too happy about it. If I could've changed a few things, I would have done more hill training and remembered to gulp more electrolytes before I hit the mid-race mark. I finished under 5 hours and put in my maximum effort, just for that I'm happy as can be. Thanks to all the super volunteers and spectators who came out to support the race - I can't express how much it helped, especially at mile 24!

...Only 72.26 more miles until I hit 1,000!


SF Marathon Weekend is Here!

SF Marathon Expo
SF Marathon Expo
As I walked in to the tent, I heard the woman behind me say what I was thinking, "This is a runner's dream!" Amazing how picking up a registration packet, bib number, a t-shirt and some goodies is a little dream come true.

Most of the pace charts online are for doing the marathon all at one pace, so I made a customizable pace chart in xcel for changing your pace at different points in the marathon to calculate your desired finish time. It has 3 versions: One for dividing your marathon into 3 parts at miles 8,16, and 24, one for dividing it into 5 parts every 5 miles, and a 10-10-10 (10m miles, 10 miles, 10k):
Download >>

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