Nike + Human Race 10k at Sunday Streets

Sunday Streets SF

So I signed up to do the Human Race and it happened to be on the same day as Sunday Streets, how perfect! Several miles of streets of our city were deemed car-free so that people could get out and bike, run, skate, dance, etc. Great idea!

I ran down to the Embarcadero as a warmup, then decided to start somewhere significant and inspirational. I chose a commemorative marker for the Ferry Building enduring the 1906 Earthquake.

1906 Earthquake Totem 10k Finish at SFBC boothSunday Streets SF

I ran all the way down to the end of the event then turned back to finish at the SFBC booth. Even though there were a few stops to let cars pass in certain areas, I still managed to run a PR! Okay, it's only 5 seconds but it matters. The booth was well stocked with water, raisins, friendly faces and sunscreen, just what I needed. I jogged back to south beach to meet my friends who were hula-hooping it up. I realized it requires skills I do not have at the moment so I just had a little stretch and continued onward. What a fabulous day! I've signed up to volunteer at the next Sunday Streets.

Warmup and cooldown with a nice hill!
G-Map Elevation Chart

Playlist: "Bionik" by fave dj Dominik Eulberg

I am approaching my 1,000 mile milestone with only 11.71 miles to go!

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