SF Marathon 2008

SF Marathon 2008

I survived my first marathon! It was not easy, but I feel exhilarated and transformed by the experience. I did great in the first 10 miles, but then the pace chart went out the window after too many hill encounters. Next time I will pay more attention to the elevations. Going up is actually easier than coming down, because unlike cycling where you fly down, with running each leap forward your body absorbs the shock, and the heels and knees are not too happy about it. If I could've changed a few things, I would have done more hill training and remembered to gulp more electrolytes before I hit the mid-race mark. I finished under 5 hours and put in my maximum effort, just for that I'm happy as can be. Thanks to all the super volunteers and spectators who came out to support the race - I can't express how much it helped, especially at mile 24!

...Only 72.26 more miles until I hit 1,000!

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