Going Long on Sunday at the Church of Sweat

Ocean Beach
Everything hurts. I am baptized in sweat. I feel redeemed. Tomorrow the pain will be gone.


OCD Runner

ocd runner

Today the tracks were crowded with youth track meets and soccer games, but I managed to find some laps for speedwork. I can't believe the marathon is in 28 days! I could say more about the OCD aspect of running, like how I have 5 running logs and get into the designs made by my mileage and pace graphs, but I won't because I think you already know what I mean.

Funny shirts at the track meet:
"Visualize. Attack. Kill."
"We're bringing XC back"


Sunset Run

Sunset Run
Tonight was a little group fun run organized by Fleet Feet and Nike+ to benefit Students Run Oakland, a great program (check out their video). I scored a cool technical shirt. They also had a raffle of entries into the Nike Women's Marathon and Nike+ Sport Kits. Hella fun! I've been adding more hills into my program and feeling it. Gotta rest.

Students Run Oakland on KQED Truly CA >>


Friday Happy Hour

My friday happy hour is running speed intervals into the wind. It always takes me quite a bit of motivation to do this workout when I'm a bit tired at the end of the week, but I know that once I'm out there, my heart rate will be elevated and I'll be in the zone, in a completely different frame of mind and feel great afterward. It's a mental game that gets played out every time between the slacker and the action-figure. I'm up to 6 x 800, w/ 400m recovery intervals. I'm doing the 800s between 3:30 - 4:00 min each. To make it easier, I just run 4 minutes hard on my stopwatch, then run easy for a quarter mile. To keep track of my laps I use bracelets. Every time I complete an interval I slide the bracelet to the opposite arm.

I'm getting the wind info from iWindsurf.com. Check out the wind after hurricane IKE! It's still gusty at 35-56mph!


1,000 miles!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao-tzu

On 9-5-08 at 8:30pm I logged my 1,000 mile! It took me 13 months. The last half mile was all up a steep hill, finishing atop a scenic park. Half an hour later was a 4.0 earthquake. A memorable day indeed! Not to rest on my laurels, I have already picked out a new challenge (See sidebar). The reward for 1,000 miles is a great feeling of accomplishment, but little perks like wearing a new pair of skinny jeans ain't bad either!

Now to get cracking on the third rock from the sun.

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