Nike Women's Marathon 2008


Wow! Team Purple is deep, and their support is deep too! I saw teams from all over the US. I ran the first part of the marathon behind a Moms In Motion runner, but then I lost her - she must've picked up the motion. Then, I cruised behind TNT Central Ohio in Golden Gate Park, then TNT Greater San Francisco. Around Ocean Beach I tried to catch up to TNT Team Tofu, but there was no way - they were too fast. I did 4 minutes better time than the last one, but it was way more comfortable and I had a strong finish, thanks to all that speed and hill training. Didn't need the ipod 'cause there was tons of music: dj's, marching bands, drum circles, classical, ragtime, cheerleaders, a U2 Cover band, and a Tuba rendition of Billie Jean. It's those little funny moments that keep you going. With the full and the half both sold out, combined with the Walk of Hope event this weekend, I can only imagine how much money was raised to fight cancer. Time to chill.

Nike Women's Marathon 2008

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