Tadpole Training

The swimming is going well. It's low impact so I can practice it on rest and cross-training days. It's just a matter of being consistent and showing up there 2-3 times a week and putting in the time. I tried to hook up with a swim coach but it didn't seem to fit in with my schedule, so I'm using Kevin Koskella's Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD. I can tell if my form is bad when I start drowning, LOL. If my neck is sore, it means my ear is not touching my shoulder and I'm not turning to the side enough. The noseclips and zoomers are helping me tremendously. No more choking on water and sinking. I'll be doing tons of drills to start off with for the next few weeks.

I remember the days when I was afraid of water, but snorkeling helped me get over it. Today I discovered to hold my breath a bit before exhaling underwater. It's very relaxing, like yoga breathing.

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