Building Phase

Slowly ramping up the miles again. This last week and a half has been low energy due to the low-carb diet but managed to shed another 5 lbs. That means happy joints not getting pounded with that extra weight on the trails, easier to pedal up hills and a better form in the swimsuit! Swimming was a struggle this week. I can get a good slice and push through the water but then my pull is weak, and I think I have a "runners kick". The finis paddles are great for making me aware of the stroke mechanics. I alternate 50 meters with them. I'm stoked about the tips that Kevin just posted! I'm going to strech my ankles, keep my knees straight, point my toes, kick from the quads and hips, keep my pull to the outside, keep my head down, slice, rotate, breathe, slice pull, slice, pull, slice, rotate, breathe...

miles and miles...


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