Race Recap

Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half-Marathon
This year supporting the Koret Family House, The Harbor Light Center for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, and Support for Families of Children with Disabilities.

2009 Kaiser Permanente SF Half-Marathon

5:45am: almost got locked out of my apartment with all my gear inside. Toast and coffee.
7:45 am: The tall-kitchen trash bag and Nike's look hot! Stand in line for 15 minutes to use the portajohns...the time it takes someone to finish the 5k!
8am: 6 minutes walk to the starting line
Mile 1-3: Obstacle course around the walkers
Mile 4 to beach: Wide open and all downhill. Here is where I make tracks. The negative splits might be good for flat courses, but what I've learned is to go with the terrain and adjust to what's there.
Great Highway: Fill the tank - Gu, Nuun, Sport Beans with Caffeine. Hydrate. The inner coach says, "If you are running behind people that can still have breath to chat, then you aren't racing! Get out in front, girl! Push that pace, this is your third one so go for it!"
Mile 9: Aren't we there yet? Stay focused. Where are my toes?
Mile 10: Yes! Sub 2hr here I come!

2009 Kaiser Permanente SF Half-Marathon

Mile 12: Here is that hill I was warning you about...
Mile 12.5: Must...reach...finish...
Mile 13.1: SCREAM!

Mile 14: Yay! sub 2hr finish - now jog three miles to get back to where my bicycle is parked. Dive into some curly fries, wash down with accelerade and nap.

Last Year: 13.1mi / 2:17:33time /10.5 avg pace /HR 169 /rain, no chip timing
This Year: 13.1mi / 1:55:45time /8:50 avg pace /HR 180 /great weather, chip timing

How did I take 20 minutes off my PR? Same weight* both races, but I did speedwork training techniques gleaned from Hal Higdon and Bart Yasso.

*Same weight but different body composition. More muscle, less flab.

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