Recovery Zone

I'm taking it easy this week. I ran faster than I ever ran before for 2 hours straight last weekend so I'm pretty stiff. Day 2 post-race was actually worse than day 1. I don't do the cold ice baths thing - I prefer the contrast shower (hot/cold, hot/cold) and a nice balm. What really helps is last night I did a mild run and a mellow stretch. Today I feel way more flexible. When I'm ready I'll resume speedwork with more focus on race pace and heart rate zones. Seeing the benefits even with a minimal amount of workouts is pretty motivating.

This is also low-carb week. Doing Phase 1 of SBD again as a way to tune-up the eating habits. The Squeeze and I did it last year and dropped 5 lbs instantly which didn't return. It's the only diet I've done where you're not even hungry or craving anything. I've already dropped 7 lbs and it has only been 3 days into it...weird! It's not water weight because now I have a digital scale that measures all that. Perhaps it's an afterburn effect of the thousands of calories burned on race day!

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