Runner's Kick

I had a short swim yesterday and a friend to analyze my stroke said that my legs were bending at the knee and sinking too much. Runner's Kick! That is why sometimes I feel like the Bermuda Triangle is following me when I swim. I will try the vertical drills and fins again - stretch those ankles! At least my arm stokes are coming along.

Do you have Runner’s Kick?
Triathlon Kicking Drills

I have a long ride coming up in 6 weeks. 65 miles is a metric century and the training is similar to a regular century:
Training for 100 miles
Beginner Cycling Training Program - Month 1

This is a lot of training to think about but actually, I have a chance to focus on the upcoming event. So instead of doing a 20 mile run on the weekends, I'll do a 10-12 miler to keep the endurance, and do a long bike ride. The swimming is something I can do on alternating days with a brick workout on the bike. 1-2x week I'll do a speed drills and hills. Keep it simple!

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