5 more days until Cinderella!

This weekend's bike ride was an "easy" 35 miler. I could do the Paradise Loop every weekend! Sunshine, Fresh air, wildflowers, a slightly warm breeze...I'm leaving out the part about the Sunday drivers almost running over us twice but once you get off the busy roads it is smooth sailing. There is a gnarly part of Paradise Loop also where you have to cross the freeway overpass to get to the next bike lane, but if you are with another cyclists or two it doesn't seem as daunting. You can alter your mileage by taking the 15, the 10 or 5 and also there are ferry-hopping options.

My running has slowed down a bit. I got up to 6 400m speed intervals though which I will resume after the century ride. I'm going to keep it easy this week. The ankles were feeling tender after cycling 65miles on the stationery bike at the gym on that rainy day. I think I am going to invest in a trainer, because then I can use my own bike which is better fitted to me.


Jo Lynn said...

Pretty picture. It's so gorgeous out there right now. Don't you love living here. I'm sure you do. ;)

René said...

Yeah, I agree, this place rocks!

fuzzbuzz said...

I miss it!

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