Cruising on top of the water

Tonight I had an amazing breakthrough while swimming! I am on lesson 2 of the Easy Freestyle Swimming DVD by Terry Laughlin and have already learned some things to improve my efficency. I had a goofy grin on my face for hours after the first couple of laps. I haven't tried hang gliding, but this is the closest thing to flying that I have experienced, almost beats flying down a hill on a bike or floating on a tailwind running. Thanks to Kevin and Terry I'm not worried now about the triathlon swim.

As far as the rest of the training goes, all I can say is - It's amazing what an extra rest day can do!


Jo Lynn said…
Good for you. What a great feeling, it sounds like you had.
lilhlfpint said…
It never crossed my mind that you could learn to swim from a DVD. That is awesome!
Jo Lynn said…
Hello there,
I notice you are doing an XTerra event on April 19th in Oakland. How are these events compared to PCTR? I love PCTR because they are so non-competitive and friendly. I was going to do the Diablo Marathon that day so I already have it off from work and was looking at this Oakland run as an alternative. I'm thinking I am not quite ready for the marathon. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks a lot!
RenĂ© said…
Thanks Jo! I felt like I needed a trail run that day but have never done an xterra event before so we'll see how it goes. The great thing about keeping up with running blogs is finding about new runs, such as the ones you are doing!

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