Finding the hole in the water

Today I started reading about Terry Laughlin's Total Immersion swimming techniques. The book goes into great detail on stroke mechanics, but not just what the stroke should look like, how it should feel. I already felt the difference tonight. Instead of rushing through my workout I am slowing down, methodically thinking things through, focusing and visualizing, entering a heightened state of awareness, trying to find the sweet spot. Alot of the time when I run I kind of zone out, but I can't do that with swimming, yet. These tools I'm learning here in the water could help me in many other areas of training, and who know what else!

Ok, now a little foodie post: I'm a big kefir fan and drink it every day. This weekend I made some homemade probiotic feta cheese.

Here is another recipe for homemade all-natural energy gel from Organic Athlete.

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Jo Lynn said...

Thanks for the "Organic Athlete" link. Looks like an awesome site for recipes. I look forward to giving him a try.

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