Totally Immersed

I had to report on the swim session I had tonight since I've been reading the Total Immersion book. I left the fins at home and managed to do 24 x 50m. After a couple of warmup laps with sidekick drills, I did the freestyle with a lot more buoyancy and not so tired and dizzy at the end of it all. Amazing! I just tried to see how slow I could go and how much quality I could squeeze out of it. A couple months ago I used to sink alot, wear nose clips, choke on water, loudly gasp for air, panic and want to cry "mommy!" Now I'm learning to feel the water and where the drag spots are and streamlining them out using sensory skills. It's like playing the piano. If I get the strokes just right, then the rhythm, then I can speed it up a little. There is going to be a Total Immersion freestyle workshop in April but I need to save some $ for my trip later this year.

my current: 50s in 1:30 27 SPL
my humble goal: To do 4 - 6 sets of 200s with 20 SPL or less!

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