Swimming like a Log

This is just a little note so that I remember I where I ramped up my training. I decided it was time to go from 50s to 75s (meters) and boy was THAT an effort! When I do the triathlon I'm not going to be able to stop every 50 meters and take a little break by the edge of the pool! I'm going to be swimming continuously for like 40 minutes or so, unless I get a little faster. (Mini-freakout) There are a few things I need to work on in my stroke, such as not pulling back across the opposite side of my body after I take a breath and streamline the legs. I still have to get a wetsuit and try out the open water and the tri is only 8 weeks away. Time to really focus here. The plan is to lengthen the workouts and shorten the breaks until I can do half a mile continuously. Efficiency will be my friend if speed won't.

Swim Training Overview:
3 months learning to swim, doing drills and 25s
(Dec -Feb)
2 months improving freestyle stroke and doing 50s
(March - Apr)
2 months to build endurance for sprint triathlon!
(May - June)


Running at Sunday Streets

This morning I put on my old Brooks and made my way over Divisadero hill to Sunday Streets to take advantage of the massive street closure along the waterfront to do some fast running. I wanted to do a 5k time trial to gauge my speed. I started at North Point and booked down to Folsom and back, clocked it at 22:47 @7:35 pace - best time ever! I finished doing a month of intervals 5 weeks ago and it seems every time I do them I knock another minute off my pace. 400s, 800s, doesn't matter. File that in the sh*t that works file. I sandwiched the run between two 4 milers for a nice tempo outing. Back in time for lunch - I love Sunday mornings, especially Sunday Streets mornings! Props to all the kids out there taking the training wheels off their bike and learning how to ride. Don't worry, falling down is all part of the game. They should make Sunday Streets all day long.

My quads were so sore from last weekend that I didn't fully recover until Thursday. I must love the pain. Swine flu stay away.


Happy Earth Day!

Here are a few photos taken while exploring a little local patch of the blue marble here in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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XTERRA Redwood Peak Trail Run

XTERRA Redwood Peak Trail Run
XTERRA Redwood Peak Trail Run

XTERRA Redwood Peak Trail Run was awesome! Didn't get much sleep last night but still managed to finish the 15k in a little over 2 hours. There was an extra half mile added to the course and it was scorching! I really enjoyed the challenge of the hills and nature trip. Birds were cheering loudly and there were even butterflies criss-crossing in front of me! I practiced the descents with low center of gravity and rapid turnover. Some of them were quad-busting and I could feel the burn halfway through the course. Another thing I had to practice is not making grimacing faces! French trail was a calf-burner going up. The narrow singletrack was cool down in the shade, but the treachery was lots of little twigs to lose traction on, rocks and stumps. Definitely had to walk up most of this one. It was over before I knew it, so I'm glad I took photos. The organizers did a great job, the route was well-marked and I even got a $10 refund on my entry.

Redwood Regional Park
I got dropped off with my bike in the morning by an angel, and had a great loop home around the park. It was like doing a spiral outward after the run. I wasn't expecting all the climbing! But the descents were killer. Most of the cyclists were super-friendly except for one dude who was angry that I was too far to the left on a fast downhill. He didn't realize that I was taking the lane for safety as I was advised to do by other cyclists because the road was very curvy. He wanted to pass on my left but he was too close to me and I was already near the center line and passing on the left seemed stupid when there was hella room on the right for him to go. Ug! Avoid this type for future reference.

It was so hot that I had to fill up my Camelback 3 times (1 1/2 gallons)! My sport beans had melted and fused together into a giant clump.

Finisher's Medal
The Photo-Finish

Fuel: Breakfast (Pre-run) Oatmeal and Toast (Post-run) Nuun tablet, croissant, eggs, orange, banana and coffee. During run: Carb flask loaded with 3 Gu. During bike ride: Caffeinated Sport Beans, gu. Post Bike ride: Beefless strips with broccoli and rice, kefir and kefetta on bread, whatever leftovers were in the fridge!


Redwood Regional Park

Today was an adventure up to Redwood Regional Park by bike with a little singletrack running at the top. I can't believe I have never been up here before. It took about an hour and a half to climb up from Rockridge BART and 45 minutes to descend back. The views are amazing!
East Bay Hills

There are miles of trails up here, it's overwhelming. I ran a little bit of West Ridge Trail at the Skyline Gate Staging Area. It's gorgeous and pretty hilly!
West Ridge Trail
West Ridge Trail

Next week I'm doing the XTERRA Redwood Peak Trail 15k Run and determined to get to my events by bike and public transportation. I would also like to preview the course in a few more days. We'll see. I hadn't paid attention and now have already put 500 miles on my Nikes and my ankle is feeling the lack of support. Though the shoes were comfortable and a bit lighter, they got pretty thrashed around the ankles. I'm going back to Brooks, which is what I wore mostly last year without any problems. Time to head on over to Fleet Feet.

Unfortunately I didn't make it into the Dipsea race. It was already filled by the time I had remembered to submit the application. This is just as well because I'm thinking one event per month is enough already! I have my first Triathlon to focus on. Geesh! Endorphins make you crazy sometimes.

East Bay Regional Park District
(To Redwood Regional Park from Rockridge BART by Bike: R on College, R on Claremont, R on Ashby, Merge onto Tunnel Rd, turns into Skyline)



This was a sweet ride! It was a bit of a chilly start and a little windy, but once the sun came out it was very pleasant. I loved the scenic rolling pastures and the thought of riding with (thousands?) of norcal women, many decked out in their princess flair. My favorite though was the double-wide chick with the little pink thong on the outside of the bike shorts - funniest part was - she was hauling ass faster than me! This was my first metric century, and though I was in the saddle for 6 hours, I loved every mile. What a great way to spend the day!

Cinderella Classic 2009

Cinderella Classic 2009
Cinderella Classic 2009

Cinderella Classic

About an hour on BART from San Francisco and you're there!

There is another ladies ride in October called the Princess Promenade in Sacramento that will have several sized routes from 15mi - metric century.

...and the pink thong disappeared over the horizon, never to be seen again...


Dipsea Race

I peeked to see if my check for the Dipsea Race was cashed, and it was - OMG does that mean I got in? Yay!

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