Running at Sunday Streets

This morning I put on my old Brooks and made my way over Divisadero hill to Sunday Streets to take advantage of the massive street closure along the waterfront to do some fast running. I wanted to do a 5k time trial to gauge my speed. I started at North Point and booked down to Folsom and back, clocked it at 22:47 @7:35 pace - best time ever! I finished doing a month of intervals 5 weeks ago and it seems every time I do them I knock another minute off my pace. 400s, 800s, doesn't matter. File that in the sh*t that works file. I sandwiched the run between two 4 milers for a nice tempo outing. Back in time for lunch - I love Sunday mornings, especially Sunday Streets mornings! Props to all the kids out there taking the training wheels off their bike and learning how to ride. Don't worry, falling down is all part of the game. They should make Sunday Streets all day long.

My quads were so sore from last weekend that I didn't fully recover until Thursday. I must love the pain. Swine flu stay away.


Jo Lynn said...

So I'm sitting on my couch, catching up on the news and on comes "Sunday Streets" in SF. Then I look at my blog roll and there's your post. How funny. You are pretty fast girl. People do love running along the waterfront, don't they!

fuzzbuzz said...

Sounds like fun and Sundays are wonderful days to do whatever the heck you want to do!

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