This was a sweet ride! It was a bit of a chilly start and a little windy, but once the sun came out it was very pleasant. I loved the scenic rolling pastures and the thought of riding with (thousands?) of norcal women, many decked out in their princess flair. My favorite though was the double-wide chick with the little pink thong on the outside of the bike shorts - funniest part was - she was hauling ass faster than me! This was my first metric century, and though I was in the saddle for 6 hours, I loved every mile. What a great way to spend the day!

Cinderella Classic 2009

Cinderella Classic 2009
Cinderella Classic 2009

Cinderella Classic

About an hour on BART from San Francisco and you're there!

There is another ladies ride in October called the Princess Promenade in Sacramento that will have several sized routes from 15mi - metric century.

...and the pink thong disappeared over the horizon, never to be seen again...


Jo Lynn said...

I so enjoy all-lady events. They are very inspiring, aren't they? Glad you enjoyed your ride. ;)

lilhlfpint said...

Wow, congratulations on your first century!

I love the pink in the picture. Cute.

fuzzbuzz said...

Yay Pretty in Pink! Looks like a beautiful day for your ride too. Proud of you!

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