Redwood Regional Park

Today was an adventure up to Redwood Regional Park by bike with a little singletrack running at the top. I can't believe I have never been up here before. It took about an hour and a half to climb up from Rockridge BART and 45 minutes to descend back. The views are amazing!
East Bay Hills

There are miles of trails up here, it's overwhelming. I ran a little bit of West Ridge Trail at the Skyline Gate Staging Area. It's gorgeous and pretty hilly!
West Ridge Trail
West Ridge Trail

Next week I'm doing the XTERRA Redwood Peak Trail 15k Run and determined to get to my events by bike and public transportation. I would also like to preview the course in a few more days. We'll see. I hadn't paid attention and now have already put 500 miles on my Nikes and my ankle is feeling the lack of support. Though the shoes were comfortable and a bit lighter, they got pretty thrashed around the ankles. I'm going back to Brooks, which is what I wore mostly last year without any problems. Time to head on over to Fleet Feet.

Unfortunately I didn't make it into the Dipsea race. It was already filled by the time I had remembered to submit the application. This is just as well because I'm thinking one event per month is enough already! I have my first Triathlon to focus on. Geesh! Endorphins make you crazy sometimes.

East Bay Regional Park District
(To Redwood Regional Park from Rockridge BART by Bike: R on College, R on Claremont, R on Ashby, Merge onto Tunnel Rd, turns into Skyline)


Jo Lynn said...

Good luck on the race next week. I decided to go ahead and suck it up and do the Diablo Marathon that day. Redwood Park is nice. I've run a PCTR event there a few times. Sorry you didn't get into Dipsea - I thought it was a done deal. You're probably right, one event a month is good.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your race next week. I'll be thinking about you.

Happy Easter, girl!

René said...

Thanks! After doing some research, found out there is no BART running until after 8am on Sunday. Check-in is at 7am. No public transportation option. It would be cool to camp out at Lake Chabot the night before and ride the scenic 8 miles to the run in the morning. I wonder if anyone is doing that.

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