Swimming like a Log

This is just a little note so that I remember I where I ramped up my training. I decided it was time to go from 50s to 75s (meters) and boy was THAT an effort! When I do the triathlon I'm not going to be able to stop every 50 meters and take a little break by the edge of the pool! I'm going to be swimming continuously for like 40 minutes or so, unless I get a little faster. (Mini-freakout) There are a few things I need to work on in my stroke, such as not pulling back across the opposite side of my body after I take a breath and streamline the legs. I still have to get a wetsuit and try out the open water and the tri is only 8 weeks away. Time to really focus here. The plan is to lengthen the workouts and shorten the breaks until I can do half a mile continuously. Efficiency will be my friend if speed won't.

Swim Training Overview:
3 months learning to swim, doing drills and 25s
(Dec -Feb)
2 months improving freestyle stroke and doing 50s
(March - Apr)
2 months to build endurance for sprint triathlon!
(May - June)


Jo Lynn said...

You can do it girl. One thing at a time. ;)

René said...

Thank you! I'm going to get over the hurdle. I worked out a good training calendar for the next 8 weeks and am diving into mental training mode. The only thing is, I think now I have an ear infection. Oh JoY!

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