XTERRA Redwood Peak Trail Run

XTERRA Redwood Peak Trail Run
XTERRA Redwood Peak Trail Run

XTERRA Redwood Peak Trail Run was awesome! Didn't get much sleep last night but still managed to finish the 15k in a little over 2 hours. There was an extra half mile added to the course and it was scorching! I really enjoyed the challenge of the hills and nature trip. Birds were cheering loudly and there were even butterflies criss-crossing in front of me! I practiced the descents with low center of gravity and rapid turnover. Some of them were quad-busting and I could feel the burn halfway through the course. Another thing I had to practice is not making grimacing faces! French trail was a calf-burner going up. The narrow singletrack was cool down in the shade, but the treachery was lots of little twigs to lose traction on, rocks and stumps. Definitely had to walk up most of this one. It was over before I knew it, so I'm glad I took photos. The organizers did a great job, the route was well-marked and I even got a $10 refund on my entry.

Redwood Regional Park
I got dropped off with my bike in the morning by an angel, and had a great loop home around the park. It was like doing a spiral outward after the run. I wasn't expecting all the climbing! But the descents were killer. Most of the cyclists were super-friendly except for one dude who was angry that I was too far to the left on a fast downhill. He didn't realize that I was taking the lane for safety as I was advised to do by other cyclists because the road was very curvy. He wanted to pass on my left but he was too close to me and I was already near the center line and passing on the left seemed stupid when there was hella room on the right for him to go. Ug! Avoid this type for future reference.

It was so hot that I had to fill up my Camelback 3 times (1 1/2 gallons)! My sport beans had melted and fused together into a giant clump.

Finisher's Medal
The Photo-Finish

Fuel: Breakfast (Pre-run) Oatmeal and Toast (Post-run) Nuun tablet, croissant, eggs, orange, banana and coffee. During run: Carb flask loaded with 3 Gu. During bike ride: Caffeinated Sport Beans, gu. Post Bike ride: Beefless strips with broccoli and rice, kefir and kefetta on bread, whatever leftovers were in the fridge!


Jo Lynn said...

Yes, it was stinkin' hot today. Good time for the 15k. I like that park too. It can be challenging, that's for sure. ;)

René said...

I was thinking of you out there Jo Lynn!

fuzzbuzz said...

Sounds like a blast except for aggro biker- I have run into one of those out on a hike and bike trail. They are overly possesive and don't want to share the trail. Lame! Keep on truckin' girl!

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