This year's Bay to Breakers was a lot tamer than the rest, but not enough to appease the haters. I run every year because it is the first event that introduced me to running races, and it was fun. They corralled all of us boring runners up front so it actually felt like a footrace, and all the costumed runners in the back. It was so hot! My heart rate was already elevated at an easy pace. I had wished for more water stops during the last 3 miles in the park, especially on a hot day like today. Where were they? I finished in less than 90 minutes and got to enjoy the costume parade on the way back home and saw that there were still THOUSANDS of people still cascading over Hayes Hill! My goal was to get out of the sun immediately. Sunscreen sweats right off when you run, and needs to get reapplied several times, and I didn't bring any nor did they have any at the aid stations. Running in the heat had wiped me out so after B2B I went Back-2-Bed.

Did way better than I thought: 1:13:37, about 7 minutes faster than last year without even pushing it and in the heat. Interval training rocks!

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Jo Lynn said...

Hottest ever, right? I've run it a few times and suffered hypothermia once. I'll probably never do it again because of that. How wonderful though that it is the race that got you into running. ;)

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