Boring training notes: tonight I thought it was high time I get some serious brick workouts in, seeing as how the triathlon is in 5 weeks! I'm going to try to do swim/bike and bike/run workouts for a bit. I'm up to 150 meters swimming freestyle without stopping. I am slow and steady, conserving my energy for the long haul. If I stick to my training schedule I should be at least at 300 meters by the time the tri rolls around. I used to think the freestyle swim was about pedaling my arms as fast as I can like on a bike, but it actually gets most propulsion from the hip. Tonight I was working on driving the spear into the water with my hip, it's like a little hip twist elongation thing. Next I need to work on "grabbing the water" after spearing. There are many little parts that need to come together for a stroke.

Then I hopped on the bike (after changing into some dry clothes of course) and did a 9 mile speed ladder interval. I love those. It's 4x400, 2x800, 1x1600, 2x800, 4x400 with 400s recovery pace in-between. Fuel: nuun water and gu. I was so amped afterwards that I felt like running 3 miles would be very doable.

My training buddy: coffee!


Jo Lynn said...

Great job! Gotta love that "amped" feeling. ;)

fuzzbuzz said...

you're a powerhouse!

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