Cycling for a Cure

Michael Solis rode like hell to fight MS in the Sams Club Frisco to Fort Worth 150. At first I thought it was San Francisco, but there is a place in Texas called Frisco. He raised over 20k for the cause, and his team over 200k! I'm impressed! His story is moving and personal, because his wife was diagnosed 2 years ago. Way to go Michael. Don't give up hope.


Jo Lynn said…
Could you imagine? It would be hard not to give up if that happened to me, personally. I would fight hard for those that I love but I couldn't imagine having it myself. Thanks for sharing. Do you, by the way, get my comments? Somehow they never show up anywhere but I assume you have that preference chosen?
RenĂ© said…
Oh, thx for bringing it to my attention...

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