Envirosports Mt. Tam Wild Boar Run 18k

mt. tam
The Envirosports Mt. Tam Wild Boar Run 18k was a joy. Mt. Tam is beautiful. I can't wait to go back. We did the Bolinas Ridge, Coastal Trail, Matt Davis and up the Old Mine trail. Part of this course will be on the Stinson Beach Marathon later this year. I forgot to ask Dave why it's called the Wild Boar Run.

I cycled the 20 miles back to SF. It took 2 hours. I think if I cycled up to Mount Tam it would take 4 hours! It's a long climb.


Jo Lynn said…
Oh lucky you, for the nice weather, huh?! Wild boar, interesting. Boomer and I have seen wild boar at Garin, they're awesome in person.
lilhlfpint said…
Wow, what a beautiful run.

That's awesome that you even bike back after the run.

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