Fugeddabout it

This fog just makes me want to stay home under the quilt! I forced myself to go to the pool anyway. Just showing up is half the battle, right? It was so crowded, that I almost gave up again, but instead waited and had a sauna. After all the surrendering and letting go of the "blah not into it" feeling, when I finally got a lane, I had the BEST swim ever. Go figure. Was it the sauna? I didn't get out of breath and felt like I could keep swimming and swimming and swimming... I was able to swim strong and work on my triceps extensions on the pull. I'm baffled, but smiling. Now I can go and hide under the quilt.

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Jo Lynn said...

That's awesome! Just take it all in. Don't question it. ;)

How sick am I? I read the title of your post and what did I see? "Fudge...." I need help!

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