Into the Ocean

The other night I had a triathlon anxiety dream - As soon as I got on my bike my entire handlebar broke in half and I had no brakes. Then the next day during my swim warmup I almost had a panic attack thinking about the deep, dark ocean. So, to get over it I've been reading tri blogs and watching transition videos. Today I am going to run through my course and jump into the pacific in my new wetsuit! The suit is so comfortable and warm I can't wait to try it out.

I love Terri Schneider's Triathlon Revolution book. In the mental training section I learned a new tip which is really helping me, and that is channeling positive energy and visualization into a word or phrase that you can use when you are under duress. I haven't formulated one for the run or bike, but for swimming, which I find most challenging, it is "Happy Turtles"! This is magic super hero stuff and it works!


Jo Lynn said...

Happy Turtles sounds perfect. Be careful in the Pacific today. Don't you wish we lived where wet suits weren't needed? Glad yours is commfy though. Makes a big difference. ;)

René said...

Thanks! Imagine hot beaches of Jamaica!

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