Open Water Group Swimming Experience

I'm so glad I found a group that does Monday night group swims at Aquatic Park: Swim-Art! It was an exhilarating experience, and not as cold or scary as I thought it was going to be. It is sooo easy to float in the saltwater, and a wonderful feeling floating on the back, like being cradled by the ocean. Being with a group was helpful in getting up the courage to get into the cold. Also, I felt support from the other swimmers and the group leader. A couple of people went in without wetsuits! We swam to a buoy or a boat, rested and swam to the next one. The advanced beginning swimmers were doing a longer time trial. I do need to work on my sighting skills after almost crashing into one of the boats that was anchored out there. I should have left more space on the turnaround. It's also easy to bump into people - I thought I was going at a slow pace, but the tide was pushing me a little faster towards the shore, and opposite on the way out.

We stayed in for about 45min. to an hour, and had a nice spot on the grass to change clothes. Next time, I think I will bring more layers that are easy to put on, a beanie, warmer socks, gloves and some "hot hands". It was windy and foggy out, and I couldn't feel my toes for two hours afterwards. That's probably because I was biking around and didn't really dry out very well. Trying to transition from swim to bike without the feeling of fingers and toes quickly in the triathlon is going to be a challenge. My mind is also thinking in slow motion at that temperature. Good to know these things beforehand! I'll try a short run after getting out of the water, some pushups, or a bowl of hot clam chowder!

Allen's Photos
: here I am working on not dropping my elbows, LOL!

Here is an amazing video documentary: Voyage of the Lonely Turtle


Jo Lynn said...

Hot clam chowder would be good! I was picturing you running into boats and people. I guess it would be difficult not to. Do you have your eyes open during these swims? I know you wear goggles, right? It would be scary for me, I think. Good job finding a group to practice with.

René said...

My eyes were open and I wore goggles, but everything is bopping around out there with the currents, and if you are doing freestyle you see sideways, but have to peek forward every few strokes. The water is a little murky so you don't really see anything until it is right in front of your face! I think you'd like it - the cold water is great for sore muscles.

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