Starfish Swim

Had a great group swim with Pedro's group today! It seemed like more people showed up. We swam to the middle of the inside wall on the perimeter of Aquatic Park and back. The tide was kind of ebbing, so you could see lots of colorful starfish clinging onto the wall. Coach Edna said that is a good sign that the bay is healthy and the water is clean. The faster swimmers had already swam out and around the wall and on their way back by the time we got there. They are so fast! It seemed warmer today and I stayed in for about an hour. The recovery seemed easier this time. Such a great feeling to get to shore. I can't wait to go back in tomorrow w/Leslie's group.

After a hot lunch and a catnap, I biked the Lincoln loops again (GG Tri course). It took me about 20 minutes to do one loop at a moderate pace. I totally don't see myself racing my bike. Ha. I hope I can ride in a pack without crashing. I suppose if I'm able to ride in critical mass, then it shouldn't be so bad. Seems to be sunny everywhere else but here. As long as I get to run, bike and swim, I'm a happy camper.


Jo Lynn said…
Sunny everywhere but SF? It is San Francisco after all. Spring and summer hardly ever see sun.

Sounds like you're really enjoying your swimming. That's great. ;)
lilhlfpint said…
The swim sounds like it was so much fun. I'm glad your recovery seemed easier, too.

I'm impressed you biked after an hour of swimming!
RenĂ© said…
Thanks. I'm paying for it today, though. Sleepytime!

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