Sunday Swim at Aquatic Park

I am getting acclimated to open water swimming in the cold bay water so today I went out for a group swim with Water World Swim group. They have weekly training sessions with Coach Pedro Ordenes for all levels. In the beginner's group we learned how to swim at an angle against the tide and then rode the tide on the way back. It was really fun after the warmup part. The water was about 55°F and there were many swimmers training out there. I practiced sighting and trying to relax into the coldness. My fingers started to get tingly and numb after 20 minutes. Probably time to get out of the water. I might have been able to stay in longer if I had not been hanging out for almost an hour in the cold wind beforehand. The great thing about swimming with a group and a group leader is (a) motivation to get there and do it (b)you go further than you probably would have if you went alone (c) you have the safe feeling that you are going with experienced people that have knowledge of the water conditions, and someone has your back. You check-in before the swim and check-out with someone before you leave. I went in solo yesterday and it was very quiet. The Swim-Art group won't be meeting tomorrow because of the holiday so I may go back in solo. San Francisco is shrouded in it's usual cool fog for memorial day weekend. Time to curl up with a good movie and a hot cocoa!

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Jo Lynn said...

Your swim group is just like a run buddy for me. The exact same reasons. Especially the motivation part. I still think you're brave though, going in that water. ;)

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