Sunset Run - 100th Post!

Sunset Run

Tonight's Sunset Run was fan-freaking-tastic! It was a beautiful sunset, great weather, and the moon was almost full rising over the cityscape behind us. I got a cool Nike dri-fit shirt and a Noah's bagel and funds were raised for the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer survivor support.

This is also the 100th post of my blog! It's been many miles, and many more to go I hope.


Jo Lynn said…
Happy milestone for your blog! Aron from the east bay said she was going to run the sunset run in SF. You guys know each other?
René said…
No, but I could use some running friends. Running can be a solitary sport.
que bela trilha!!!Lindo percurso...
fuzzbuzz said…
congrats! and mmm noahs bagels! I am missing Sf more with each reminder!

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