Wetsuit Test

OMG It was so gorgeous and hot out today I didn't even need a wetsuit! The beach at Chrissy Field was packed, the water was gold reflecting sun rays back off the sand below and was warm in the shallows, with colder currents flowing in. I had a totally refreshing swim experience in my blueseventy. It's a little over 100 meters from the extended part going east to the edge of the rock wall so i just did one out and back. I tried to stay in the water for 20 minutes. It was kind of wavy, and for a minute I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere swimming in an endless pool. I didn't go out that far and could touch the bottom. I did a little deep swimming and got to practice vertical kicking drills. Did not have the sinking problem as in the pool, it's so easy to float in the brine. I did forget my earplugs though and got a little dizzy. I did a slow-motion transition to the showers then to my bike. I rolled up my wetsuit burrito style, racked it, then put on some dry clothes and sunscreen and had a gu. Where did I put my keys? I improvised a swim belt for my stuff from an old headlamp strap and a coin purse keychain. From there I did the route for the triathlon course and enjoyed the beautiful view along Lincoln. It has some "mild" but STEADY climbs and a few sharp turns. I say "mild" because there are some major steep climbs around here with Marin Headlands, Mt. Tam, Mt. Diablo, Oakland Hills, etc. that are way more painful. So if you have ridden those, this is not too bad. Nothing too steep for more than 5 minutes, and not as long as the nearby Arguello Blvd. or Presidio Blvd. But, did I mentioned the awesome view?!!!!!

And now for something completely different: Will someone please tell me why certain men that are going fast on their bikes insist on making snyde or sarcastic comments as they pass to women that are riding alone? Of course, a member of Team Dickhead had to show up, wearing his aero helmet and making sarcastic remarks about my pace. Do I know him? NO. Am I racing with him? NO. Do you think he would have said anything if I was with my guy or with a group? NO. Do women do this? NO. What's their deal? It is Saturday afternoon on a hot summerlike day, prime Blazing Saddles time and Baker Beach traffic. Was he expecting to have the road all to himself today LOL! Just say "on your left" and be gone already. Instead of making a comeback, I opted to be polite and supportive of others on the path instead of engaging in that bad behavior.

And on a brighter note, it's B2B tomorrow!

Team Dickhead in the news! This explains why TD is so chafed! They probably just got off the Golden Gate Bridge and had to pass a ton of cyclists going at 10mph.


Jo Lynn said...

I'm glad you didn't sink. ;)
Too bad you were on a bike and you couldn't trip the dude. Oops, did I say that out loud? LOL

fuzzbuzz said...

;D Team Dickheads going DOWN! Yeah, best to let them feel the silence and very stupid after their snide remarks.

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