AnchorMan Triathlon

Here's some photos of the AnchorMan Triathlon

AnchorMan Triathlon

It was very exciting to watch. I don't have the finish photos because I had to go to my swim meet with Pedro's group. I saw Coach Edna competing in the tri - that was awesome! Way to go! I was checking out the Transition area and noticed that the fast ones spend less than 15 seconds in there, max. They mount/dismount their bikes barefoot and deal with securing the shoe while rolling. They did need shoes after peeling out of the wetsuit for the run to the transition zone, because it was a gravel track. Someone handed them shoes as they got out of the water. I'll be back next weekend to get some Escape pics.

We had a great swim at Aquatic Park. It was sunny today, no numb feet. The current was swift so had to keep moving. Coach Pedro helped me out by saying "don't think about it too much" before crossing the flood. I stop and sight alot, which makes a slow swimmer slower because then I start drifting away. It's like a giant treadmill. But at least I found someone else my pace to swim with. When I was running back to my bike I saw a big jellyfish floating near the shore. It was clear, maybe 12 inches in diameter with reddish brown ruffly tentacles. Whenever I swim into the seaweed it freaks me out and I think it's a jelly. Ah!


Jo Lynn said...

I sat on a jelly fish, the day I got married, in Jamaica! It's no fun. Glad you didn't get stung.

lilhlfpint said...

Congratulations on a great swim. I'm so intimidated by swimming in open waters.

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