Cove Swim

It was a good day for swimming with Swim-Art today. The water was 58° and slightly ebbing. There were swimmers training for the Bridge-to-Bridge swim that were going to swim the perimeter of Aquatic Park cove 3 times. I decided to try just one loop. This time I didn't treat it like a cross-training swim, and actually rested up beforehand. It was hard to warm up, I brushed over some seaweed at first and the pier seemed to last forever. Pretty soon the group was gone and I was straggling along by myself. Psychologically, it was hard for me and I thought about going back, but then Henrique showed up on his surfboard and offered me a tow. We took a shortcut to the opening and I was so thankful for that! It encouraged me to keep going, and I swam a little further than I normally do. Barry was also there with the kayak nearby, so I felt better. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement.

All this reminds me of when I was training for a marathon and doing those 20 milers and going, WTF am I getting myself into? But it's all good as I soon found out, it's mostly in my head.

Book: "Open Water Swimming" by Penny Lee Dean
DVD: Outside the Box: A Total Immersion Program for Success in Open Water by Terry Laughlin

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