Downhill Banana

Last night's swim with Swim-Art was awesome! A dozen of us beginners went out with Sarah and did fist drills, boat-hopping, and chasing. The bay is beautiful at sunset, with great conditions and sunlight glistening on the water. I met several women who are doing the Golden Gate Triathlon for the first time also. Psyched.

Whenever I get in the ocean now, I am aware that I am immersing myself into a different experience. I've been in about 10 times, and this weekend I swam 3 consecutive days in a row! I must say that helped my swimming alot. With a few adjustments to my stroke and belly-breathing, I am swimming stronger and not so exhausted. I try to bow my streamline a little to compensate for sinking legs and body position so that the legs are up near the surface of the water. I do this by pressing the chest down into the water. I think of myself as a banana swimming downhill, because when I'm on top of the water in the perfect position it is like cruising downhill.

I'm slowing things down now but still trying to do a mini-brick workout with transitions. I commute by bike with some fast sprints to make the lights. I bike to my swim meets and after the swim I've got a lovely little climb awaiting me. I'm keeping it short and sweet this week and see what I feel like next weekend. Happy Turtle Downhill Banana!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that Swim-Art looks really cool!

Congratulations on getting out there in the ocean.

René said...

Feel free to rent a wetsuit and try it when you're in town! They do have groups for very first timers. There is a Sports Basement nearby where you can rent one.

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