Golden Gate Triathlon Sprint!

Pre-race breakfast: water, coffee and 2 granola bars
Fuel during race: 2 gus and 24oz Nuun water
Time: 1:55:17

Golden Gate Triathlon Sprint: Well, that was my first triathlon and it was fun! Hard work, but fun. I think I finished in around 2 hours. I was aiming for 1:45, and after the swim was estimating 2:15, but when I saw that I could probably get in under 2 I was hussling. The hardest part was swimming to the first buoy. It was difficult to see it in the glare of the morning sun. The water was comfortable but I thought I'd never get there! I was so glad I wasn't doing the Olympic. It took me a while to warm up and find a groove. The sprint men went first, then the women. We had ten minutes then the Olympic competitors started behind us. They had already caught up to me (and swam away) before I got to the turn. I used humor to get me to the next stop. The buoys were bright yellow triangles, which reminded me of Pikachu, so I kept thinking "I have to get Pikachu!" LOL!

After that it was all good, though I didn't feel normal until the second lap of the bike. The climbs were tough, but those painful interval workouts paid off, as I was able to hang in there and do some passing. I am mediocre on my descents and climbing so I have to do what I can when I can. After all my worries about littering on the course, guess who lost their carb flask!!! My bad! <:-< It didn't stay secured into the holster! I will try to go back later and find it. I'm glad I had it though because it saved me, and allowed me to get my wits back.

The run was tough in the beginning, (all uphill) but fast on the return. Thankfully, everything went nice and smooth. I just kept inhaling deep breaths, hydrating, allowing myself to warm up for each thing. I tried to relax and stay focused on the moment and what was coming next and try not to stumble in the transition area.

I really loved the course and the volunteers were awesome (especially the little darlings collecting the chips). No aches and pains afterwards, feeling great. I could totally do this again...


...I'm officially on vacation now and have a much needed break ahead. Yeah!

Golden Gate Triathlon Sprint Results Analysis
.5/9.5/3.1 mi (out of 8 in age group):
Swim - 48:46 Rank 6
T1 - 1:39
Bike - 43:14 Rank 2
T2 - 1:14
Run - 21:22 Rank 1 (PR!)
TOTAL - 1:55:17

So you see, if I could have been faster on the swim, I coulda been a contender!


Jo Lynn said...

Congratulations on your first triathlon! It's so great you feel good. Sounds like you had a blast! Have a great vacation. ;)

Sara Cox Landolt said...

So cool! Congratulations on your first finish! Tough first race too, well done! Enjoy your vacation.

PunkRockRunner said...

Congrats on a great day at the races. I hate the swim and it always take time to get back in a groove after leaving the water.


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