Tapering and Future Goals

It's actually been a great week tapering, because I felt so "bone tired" that I'm ready for a rest phase. I've just been spending more time walking in the park with my dog and tending to my miniature garden. I did my triathlon race plan on paper, plus I broke down the course into sections and added a list of "targets" to hit during the race. Instead of just thinking of the finish line, I have several hurdles to go for during the race.

Planning future goals after the triathlon: I would really like to do a continuous 1 mile swim (almost there) and maybe an endurance swim after that. I still haven't done my century bike ride yet, that might happen later in the fall. I have a marathon in the schedule so will be doing more speedwork. It just keeps going and going.

Training plan for the fall marathon will be based on Hal's Intermediate II, with rest days switched to Tuesdays, track on Fridays, open water swims Sundays and Mondays with bricks and bike rides sprinkled in. I just gotta have structure!

TI: Distance Swimming healthier than running: Uh-oh don't go there!

Nutrition daily must-haves: Fresh fruit and veggies, Garlic, Kefir, Blackstrap Molasses, Omega 3s, Glucosamine / Chondroitin, berries and nuts


Jo Lynn said...

There's the Bridge to Bridge 10K. How about that? ;)

René said...


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