Triathlon Countdown - 10 days!

Getting organized for my race, and am making final decisions. I still need to get a few items. Since it is my first triathlon, I'm wondering if I need to bother with aerobars.

video: Comfort vs. Speed in Transitions

How about also, comfort vs. speed vs. green? I know that I will bring a fuel belt with a carb flask, because it saves way more time than opening gel packs and littering the beautiful Presidio with the wrappers. Plus the wind could easily take the wrappers and send them over the cliff into the beautiful ocean, no way!


Jo Lynn said...

Great notes about litter. Even though they say it's not allowed, somehow it happens at every race I see.

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! I'm so excited for you! You've been training so hard for this - I know you are ready!

René said...

Thank you! My plan is to finish and have fun!

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