The X List

When presented with challenges, sometimes it helps to make a list. After reviewing the triathlon schedule and course for the Golden Gate Triathlon, I'm just making a little list of X factors that may present a challenge on race day. I will keep adding to it as needed (updates in italics a week from event)

1. Cold. We have to get there an hour before our wave start. For me that's 6am. Stay warm. Bring windbreaker.It's been warmer lately, may not be an issue.
2. Swim - I swim slow, so will have to find a nice spot in the back so I don't get mowed down by faster swimmers. Turnaround at 2nd yellow buoy. Sight also on Palace of Fine Arts
3. T1 - getting the wetsuit off in a timely fashion with cold hands and numb feet. Will probably still need the windbreaker on the bike with soaked tri-outfit underneath. No worries, weather has warmed up
transition areas
. T1 and T2 are in the same place. Just make sure to have running shoes available after the swim for the run to transition. The course is similar to AnchorMan
5. Bike - there is a steep mashfest right at the beginning of the course. On training rides, visibility was an issue on foggy days because of wind hitting naked eyeballs and tearing up. Need some kind of eye protection. There is a bumpy patch of road (Cowles) on the return loop. I totally didn't take into account the width of the course will be narrower because of oncoming cyclists. Bring fuel belt with my own carbohydrate flask because I've never trained with any of the things they'll be serving at the aid stations. Just remember to turn off on Long after two loops, sharp right on Marine.
6. Run - Steep stairs in the beginning of the course. Will the feet still be numb? The turnaround for the sprint is on the bridge, which means we'll be sharing the lane with oncoming runners. Tight squeeze? Most likely I will be in the back of the pack on all this stuff so will not have to worry about crowding. No worries, warmer weather is here and acclimatization to the water has been accomplished.

The good thing is, I live here and can familiarize myself with the course. I'm going to go check out some of the other tri's happening this month. There is the Anchorman this weekend and the Escape the following weekend. Both were great!

Now to make a list of what I will need and what goes in each bag! A list of positive affirmations will also be helpful. It's going to be fun!


Jo Lynn said...

June in California. It should be warm but NOOOO, not San Francisco. This does sound challenging but I bet you will have fun and do great. It's all in the attitude. ;)

René said...

Thanks, I will add that to my list of affirmations!

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