Good Luck SF Marathon Runners!

Have a great run! Especially Green Girl, who is running for a good cause and didn't give up the race even though she became injured. That certainly takes extra effort and determination! I learned a bit of good advice from swimming coach Leslie about sleep - instead of trying to get enough sleep the night before your event, (which will be impossible because of nerves) get lots of rest 2 nights before. So, if you didn't sleep good last night, take a big fat nap today!


Thank you, bloggers!

I've been taking it easy for almost an entire month with only a few maintenance runs and easy rides since my triathlon. After the long flight back home, I'm sleep deprived, sunburnt, my knees feel like jello and I have cankles from sitting on planes for 13 hours. If you want to torture an active person, just make them sit in a small chair with no leg room all day. Doing a 4 hour marathon and a 2 hour triathlon is easier in comparison!

After catching up with my running blogs I'm eager to get back into training for the next marathon. Just wanted to say thank you to all the bloggers that inspire me to get out there!


Buon Giorno!

Running in Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy


It's scorching hot here! I feel like jumping in the fountain!

I walked many miles and saw lots of art. Half a dozen museums, and half a dozen churches including St. Peter's.

Here is an interesting relic from the Musei Capitolini: a milestone from 312 A.D.



Bon Jour!

I'm spending some of my vacation in Geneva Switzerland and enjoying the "real" summer weather, running, cycling and swimming. It is hot here, and swimming in the lake is the perfect way to spend the day, especially after a run. There are several rivers with shady trails to run on, including a nice one along L'Arve around the Bout-du-Monde stadium. Bikes are rentable in several locations, with a 20 franc deposit. The first four hours for free and after that 1 franc per hour. Tons of bike paths, routes around the lake through parks, and the old-town is a car-free zone! You can find routes at mapmyrun.com and events here.

Cool shaded trails along the river L'Arve

Swimming at Bains des Paquis. Swimming in a clear freshwater lake is FANTASTIC! You can see everything. The water was warm but on some days very chilly. I hopped in one day when it was 55° F (13° C) without a wetsuit! For cold swimming I highly recommend a swim cap, goggles (it's better to get your face in), and earplugs. Have warm clothes handy for afterwards.

May in Pictures

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