Good Luck SF Marathon Runners!

Have a great run! Especially Green Girl, who is running for a good cause and didn't give up the race even though she became injured. That certainly takes extra effort and determination! I learned a bit of good advice from swimming coach Leslie about sleep - instead of trying to get enough sleep the night before your event, (which will be impossible because of nerves) get lots of rest 2 nights before. So, if you didn't sleep good last night, take a big fat nap today!


Jo Lynn said…
I actually registered for the 1/2 qite a while ago. We all know what has happened to my ankle, so I'm not able to run it.
RenĂ© said…
A wise decision. I hope you have a quick and thorough recovery, Jo! I think Green Girl's injury is on the mend enough so that she can run on it now.

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