Thank you, bloggers!

I've been taking it easy for almost an entire month with only a few maintenance runs and easy rides since my triathlon. After the long flight back home, I'm sleep deprived, sunburnt, my knees feel like jello and I have cankles from sitting on planes for 13 hours. If you want to torture an active person, just make them sit in a small chair with no leg room all day. Doing a 4 hour marathon and a 2 hour triathlon is easier in comparison!

After catching up with my running blogs I'm eager to get back into training for the next marathon. Just wanted to say thank you to all the bloggers that inspire me to get out there!

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Jo Lynn said...

Oh my gosh, how right you are! I would probably go on more vacations if it weren't for flying or sitting in a car for hours upon hours.

Welcome back!!!! ;)

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